model controversy continues

I’m sure everyone by now has seen the Ralph Lauren advertisement with the distorted model, photoshopped to look morbidly thin. In fact. as many observers have pointed out, her head is bigger than her pelvis!  When interviewed, the model revealed she had been let go by the designer for being too fat. Now, a second ad has emerged:


here we go again

The issues raised by this abomination are more than just lousy photoshop work. Shame on the retoucher who did the photoshopping, shame on the agency that allowed such a photo to be printed,  shame on all the  designers who insist that women look more like pre-pubescent boys than mature women, and shame on a society that that acquiesces to such distorted beauty ideals.

C’mon fashion industry, why the misogyny?

~ by christopher dimock on October 27, 2009.

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