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According to recent statistics, in 2009, at least 60% of all weddings were limited service jobs. That is, the photographer did not include an album or proofs or prints or any post-production work. Up to this point I have avoided offering anything other than my deluxe coverage (what can I say? I’m a perfectionist) . But, the nature of the industry has changed, and we photographers must change with it or else (cue the foreboding music).

To make my sometimes complicated price list more user-friendly, I have adopted a new, easier to read format. From now on, there are only three packages–the basic, the standard, and the deluxe.

The basic is what we in the industry call a “shoot and burn”. This is where the photographer photographs the wedding, then within a couple of days or so, sends you the partially edited files. Everything else is up to you–prepping the files for printing (cropping, exposure, contrast, color, sharpening), getting the files printed, resizing them to upload to a web site so friends and family can see them, and making an album. If your shopping for this type of package, either because of budgetary reasons or because you are artistic and can’t wait to do the post-production work, why not hire a experienced professional?

The standard package is a one-photographer (me!) package. It includes an album, eight hours coverage, web posting of all images, and prepping (post-production) of all images.

The deluxe package is for the client who really values all aspects of professional photography. You get two photographers (not an assistant!), all post-production work, a custom-designed album, one 4×6 of every image taken, web posting, and up to ten hours of coverage. All files are individually cropped, corrected for exposure fluctuations and contrast, and enhanced with artful, never tacky, layer effects that reflect the uniqueness of your one-of-a-kind wedding!

What about the particularly discerning client that wants everything customized to their unique wants and desires? Have no fear!! Dimock Photography has you covered as well. Would you like an engagement session? I will meet you at a location of your choice and candidly and artfully document the start of your life together. Need three photographers? Not a problem! Want an oversized, striking 16×20 Graphis album? You got it! Do you have a extra long day packed full of locations and need more than ten hours? We have your back! Can’t wait to get a custom wall size canvas print?  I will help you pick out the perfect print! Want a framed picture of your favorite album spread? I can do that!

So, now there really is no reason to hire anyone else to photograph your wedding or other special event!! Dimock Photography offers the best of both worlds–packages to suit every budget combined with 20 years experience and award winning photography.

What else is there?!

So, look over to your right and check out the deals!

~ by christopher dimock on December 14, 2009.

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