post production–it’s what I do

Much of the cost associated with the photography fee involves post-production work. After shooting the wedding and doing all the necessary busywork of archiving, the real work begins. Post production involves creatively cropping cropping images, adjusting exposure, adding layer effects and cleaning up dust and unwanted specular highlights. But talk is cheap. Here are a few examples of what post-production looks like. A typical wedding requires about 20 hours of post-production work.

unedited file

And here is the edited “proof”:

proof version

Here’s another example.


final version

And a third.


proof version

Here’s an example of an unedited version, a “proof” version and a final print for the album version:


proof version

final version

These enhancements are done to EVERY image. Even when there are 2000! So when you order a print as a gift or as part of the album, you won’t have to guess about the possibilities–I give you the opportunity to see the possibilities.

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